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The Practice Of Stainless Steel Elevator Door Cover

- May 23, 2017 -

Stainless steel Elevator door sleeve approach: Carpentry Board frame lay a good foundation, stainless steel folding plate. Installation: If it is the traditional way-on-site production of the door cover, is the site decoration workers directly with nails fixed in the door wall doors cover body; and if it is a complete set of door products installation (now more and more users are using the complete sets of door products), two questions to consider: first, the corresponding set of door products, the technical structure of the door cover to meet as a complete sets of products required to have the stability, accuracy, as well as the three major technical characteristics Second, the complete set of door installers for the installation of the site prior to the investigation and installation of the process of the normative (such as the use of foam agent for the door set firmness, precision and future use of the stability of all possible impact). 1, according to the design drawing inspection door specifications, open direction, related accessories. 2. The height and width of the doorway with a tape measure. The standard height and width of the door is 200c X 80cm; the door width of the bathroom is 200c X 70cm. The size should be corrected in time if the discrepancy. 3, measuring the position line, determine the position of the frame, with the Monlchamus to pull out the vertical line, one side openings two vertical lines. 4, in the vertical line with impact drilling, hole and perforations between the distance of about 30cm, one side of the door two rows a total of 10 eyelets. The drill bit should be 12mm, and the drilling eye depth is about 6cm.

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