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The Quality Of Heavy Duty Storage Shelves Must Be Grasped

- May 23, 2017 -

Now many production enterprises need a large number of storage shelves to store raw materials, finished goods, etc., but many enterprises in charge of the selection of warehouse shelves when they hesitate, price and quality is nothing but premise. Most of the corporate responsible person, the purchase of storage shelves first value is the shelf load of gravity and materials, storage shelves are used for large-volume storage and loading and unloading of goods, especially heavy-duty shelves and medium-sized shelves, the load-bearing requirements are very high, so high-quality material is the basic shelf. However, some business owners or procurement staff in the selection of warehouse shelves, in order to save costs, blindly seek low prices. Of course, we all know that a price of a piece of goods, some irresponsible manufacturers will provide them with low prices of heavy shelves, but please note that enterprises do not do a loss of business, quality will fall, the quality of heavy-duty shelves is related to human life, there are two bloody tragedies: 1. Xinhua News agency reported that April 1, 2007, Suzhou Shuangqiao Warehouse occurred in a wooden shelves collapse accident. The accident caused three people under the shelves to be buried, one of them dead and two wounded. 2. Laiwu Daily Report, August 2, 2011 around 15:30, Laiwu Lae District sheep town Yifeng Laiwu Anyang Food Co., Ltd. (private enterprise) storage store garlic shelves collapse accident, resulting in 7 people trapped, of which 3 people were rescued invalid death, 1 people minor injuries. Can say the above tragedy is the culprit is the shelves, just like a building when all with defective steel, its cost is reduced, it is not far from the collapse. Price is the enterprise to consider, but can not blindly pursue low prices, quality is the key.

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