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The Role Of POP Advertising.

- Mar 04, 2018 -

Because POP advertising has the very high economic value, and the cost is not high also, so, it is originated in the super market, but also suitable for some non ordinary shopping malls, supermarkets, and even some small shops and other places of all merchandise sales. In other words, POP advertising has the effect of attracting customers, promoting products and creating atmosphere for any business place. At the same time, it has the role of improving the image and reputation of the enterprise.

Because POP advertising has the above two aspects, POP advertising must have two corresponding channels. This is extremely important for the designer of POP advertising.

In one way, when POP advertising is only used to promote sales, the advertising of this approach is mostly done by commodity operators. Specific Chan, most of the time is by the store clerk or artists to operate, so are relatively rough, don't pay attention to quality, is also very casually, which forms a major categories in the form of so-called hand-painted POP. If you're in a store, you'll see a big sale sign. Way to another, if when POP advertising rise to a sense of the product and the propaganda of the corporate image, and thus to promote the sales, POP advertising design and production has become a very serious thing, this type of advertising are done by enterprises themselves. The specific method can be designed by the company's own advertising department and professional designers, or commissioned professional advertising agencies to act as agents. So, the quality of such advertising is generally quite exquisite, targeted for goods and enterprise itself is quite, and mass production, and put all the link related to product sales, extensive, large-scale promotional activities. What we're going to cover next is POP advertising, which will be produced in the second way. POP advertising by dealers, of course, there are also done by the more serious and elegant, especially some designed by store, the long-term use of POP, POP advertising, such as window door style of POP, etc., should be considered as design professionals. Generally for these high requirements of advertising, dealers only commissioned advertising companies or decoration company design and production.

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