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Upcoming Christmas,Welcome To Our Company Order And Stock Up

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Upcoming Christmas,Welcome To Our Company Order And Stock Up

Today is November 15, 2017, Hangzhou, the weather is cloudy, and sometimes light rain, we are looking forward to Christmas is approaching, From the today there is still a month to the Christmas, Christmas in Western countries is equivalent to China's Spring Festival, By the time,Will usher in a long and pleasant holiday, you can visit friends and relatives, gatherings between friends.


Foreign customers have to seize the time, because after Christmas, Before long, will usher in our traditional Chinese festival, the Spring Festival .For a period of one month, all the factory workers will leave and stop everything Production Activities.



At Christmas approaching, whether it is factory production, or daily out of the goods, are very busy, whether domestic or foreign supermarkets, want the New Year approaching, have been placing orders , Hoarding goods, make plans for next year, and now the factory is a hot scene.


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