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What Are The Aspects And Advantages Of The Cabb Light Box Customization?

- Feb 09, 2018 -

The biggest feature of the cabb light box is that it is fashionable, and the function of planning is also very expressive, vivid experience let me.

The ads seem to be different, which is why his biggest shopping mall, such as the online hypermarket, may be.

Subway stations and airports maybe some of the stores where we see a lot of businesses are using cabbages, cabbages.

How's that? More time we see the cabb light box with a super - zhuo shopping mall, its use of experience advertising to push to arrive.

This is not the case. The following is a sign that shows us how it works.

How about the cabb light box? The 3d stereoscopic effect of the carb light box is outstanding, making the advertisement more beautiful and the front face.

The uniformity of color is very high for him to obtain a lot of customers, the picture is exquisite, the reality also improved a lot, in large.

We can see many more vivid images in the supermarket, some of which are added to Hollywood.

The effect of 3d film on our visual impact is very strong, which brings us better visual experience, so wide.

The role of the lawsuit can also be refreshing, which is a new favorite in the future advertising department.

How about the cabb light box? In fact, the future is also environmental protection international, so a huge advantage of the cabb light box is also obtained.

The store accepts that he is very good and saves electricity, and the power consumption per square meter is only 50 watts per square meter.

Right, so it's a very good and environmentally friendly thing, and it's going to be an important demand for future stores.

Now, there is another feature of the cab-lamp box, which is that it has a long service life, because of the use of aluminum alloy materials.

The anti-aging function is very good, and the strength of the structure is also very good, in some large light box advertising planning it has.

It's very competitive, and its structure is a very thin envelope that makes our AD images look more and more.

It's more and more characteristic.

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