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What Does The Self-weight Slide Bring To The Business?

- Feb 04, 2018 -

It may be relatively new to domestic beverage makers, which have less than 40 per cent penetration in the domestic market and more than 80 per cent in foreign markets. Before gravity slide did not introduce the domestic market, if you want to buy, you can only buy from abroad, but foreign production cost is higher, the price is expensive, the abroad and domestic air-conditioner is a great variety of specifications, the weight of slide for domestic freezer its versatility is poor, cannot satisfy the demand of the domestic market, which is why the freezer at home and abroad on display there will be one of the reasons for such a big difference. But now China has introduced a gravity slide, and to constantly upgrade, can be applied to a variety of different specifications of the freezer, shelves, so its penetration in the future there will be a big rise space.

So what does the self-weight slide bring to the business? Why use it for shelves of freezers? First want to freezer appearance give a person the sense of time neat full need to use it, although said artificial tally can make freezer appearance beautiful effect, but there are always forget to do. Second, it can realize the commodity first out, reduce the loss of the goods, and avoid the occurrence of the goods in the artificial goods that have been run to the depths of the freezer and cannot be sold out. Finally reduces the power consumption and increase the cooling speed, solved the increase due to keep the freezer beautiful tally the number, the open time, etc., for refrigeration speed that some businesses might think winter consumer demand for cold drinks is not big, but rather quietly ice drinks taste better for consumers. In fact, the most direct benefit of the freeways can be the reduction of time, power consumption, loss of goods and the increase of turnover.

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