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What Is Point Of Sale

- Jun 17, 2018 -

What Is Point Of Sale

Point of Sale (or POS in its abbreviated form) is the phrase used to refer to the point—or location—where a sales transaction takes place, such as a checkout line or retail counter.   A Point of Sale System is the term used for the combination of computer hardware and software that oldcashregisteractually manages the sales transaction.  There are many benefits of using a point of sale system over a traditional cash register, since a computer is able to capture, store, share, and report data (such as sales, payment, or customer information).  A POS system saves time and duplication of work, and increases efficiency and accuracy in inventory, reporting, ordering, and providing excellent customer service.

The main industries where you would find POS systems being used are retail, service and hospitality (restaurants, hotels, hair & beauty).

There are many ways to evaluate a point of sale system.  Speed, cost, functionality, and ease of use are a few.  We consider the key requirement to be reliability, as a single lost transaction is unacceptable.

It is helpful to distinguish the forms that POS has gone through over the decades, from traditional point of sale developed in the 20th century, to the introduction of web-based and mobile point of sale in the 21st century.

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