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Why Is It Diffcult To Display Shelves Do?

- Jan 05, 2018 -

1. The product cannot be kept at any time

No customer will take out the front line at shopping and take the initiative to move the back to the first.

If the salesperson doesn't make the product adjustment in time, the next customer can't see it, or if it's too inconvenient to take it, he won't buy it. I can do, I also very helpless!

Second, the maintenance work is time-consuming

To adjust the product position purely manually, it needs to be reorganized several times a day, and the staff has a lot of energy.

In particular, the cold drink series of products need to be opened for a long time during the consolidation period, and the electricity consumption is huge.

3. Peak times are always "busy"

When there are too many customers in the holidays, the store staff are limited and often they are missing.

It's not good enough to be crazy, the customer experience is not good enough, the sales volume is sorry.

The heart is!

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