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Why Use Point Of Sale Displays?

- Jun 15, 2018 -

Whether you’re a customer in line at a supermarket or an attendee at a business event, you’re surrounded by products, brands and advertising. With all of these stimuli competing for your attention, it takes something unique, highly visible and appealing to catch your eye.

Effective point of sale advertising can make the difference between dwindling takings and soaring profits. What would it mean to your businesses if every customer spent an extra £1 in-store or at your event stand? What would it mean if every customer spent an extra £5 or £10? The numbers quickly add up, and it doesn’t take long to recognise the potential sales opportunities and resulting financial gains offered by investing in POS display marketing for your business or product.

POS displays tend to be most effective when used to display or promote impulse purchases. These are typically fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and effectively encourage the customer to make an ‘unplanned purchase’ of a low-ticket product. They can also be highly effective when used to display offers or discounts, widening the net to include more expensive items.

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